Have You Protected your Blog with a Digital Will?

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You died today. What happens to your digital properties? Do you have a digital will?

What will happen to your online passwords, blog accounts, social media networking profiles, affiliate accounts and PayPal accounts when you crossover from the earthen to the ethereal world?

Previously, people left paper wills but now there is a need for leaving digital legacy as well for the worthy recipient.

The need for creating a digital will gains importance as the world increasingly becomes bound by Internet. Whether you’re a blogger or a business giant, a digital will protects your legacy and transfers it to a worthy successor.

Have You Protected your Blog with a Digital Will?

When the Centre for Creative and Social Technology at the London University surveyed 2000 adults, they were surprised to learn that 10% of the respondents had mentioned their online passwords in their wills.

The “Cloud Generation” report quotes Steven Thorpe, a partner at the Gardner Thorpe law firm, who says:

Digital inheritance in an area that will become increasingly important given, for instance, the monetary value of music collections and sentimental value of photograph collections. Fewer people now keep hard copies of either, and a very real danger is that the valuable contents of private cloud accounts will simply be lost upon the owner’s death either because the accounts are not known about by others or because access is not possible without the user and password details.

Why do you need a Digital Will?

Is there any Fixed Age for Making the Digital Will?

No, whether you are 80 years or just 21 years old, if you think whatever you have online is valuable, get the digital will done.

Does every Country Recognize this Will?

No, I am afraid not every country recognizes this digital will yet.

For instance, UK law does not have any provision for this will; however, it does not mean you should take it lightly. Digital wills are important and people are learning about its importance.

Even if your country doesn’t recognize digital wills as a legal entity, you should be prepared for it in advance.

7 Recommended Digital Will Service Providers

I searched a lot online and created this list of digital will developers. All of them are legal entities and entrusted to carry out the creation of digital wills. The list mentions their features. Visit each of these sites and choose one that suits your requirements.

Founded in 2006, Death Switch emails your appointees when it stops hearing from you. The free account allows the company to send one email to the appointee without any attachments while the paid account allows you to add 10 appointees and attachment facility.

The Cirrus Legacy digital will allows you to specify which online properties are to be stored and transferred to successor/s in the event of your death. The free account has no storage facility while the paid options allow storage of digital files and documents.

Founded in 2013, After Note is a combination of digital will and a ‘bucket list’ where you can store information for a maximum of 3 trustees, and create wishes and special messages for loved ones, to be delivered after you die.

Founded in 2010, After Steps is an “all-in-one end-of-life” planning services which includes guiding you with estate planning, financial planning, funeral planning and legacy planning. All the information and documents are stored securely and transferred to beneficiaries.

Founded in 2012, After Words is a method to leave posthumous messages to anyone you want, which is a great way to secure online business properties. You can message people or groups. You have to invite two or more account trustees who will operate and execute your instructions once you are gone. Not only posthumous messages, the service works if you take ill suddenly or due to any disease which renders you immobile to work actively.

Founded in 2009, Best Bequest is an award-winning safe deposit box whose Legacy Vault helps to create roadmaps for trustees or benefactors to follow after you pass away or in instances of natural disasters. You can store keepsake photos, insurance policies, digital will, account passwords, financial information and more. The account is protected with 256-bit AES encryption.

Founded in 2013, Capsoole protects your digital life and legacy through your digital will. It stores your digital information and assets to be shared in case of emergency or your death. The service is fully automated, secure and private.

What does the Digital Will Contain?

The digital will contains all your information like email accounts, social networks, PayPal details, AdSense, stocks and shares, iTunes, Kindle, hosting companies, website designing, databases and others.

Anything that you access with a username and a password needs to be included in the digital will.

You can also store electronic documents like passport, share certificates, birth certificate, marriage certificates, educational certificates and any other document worth storing.

How will the Successor Know?

No matter which digital legacy service provider you choose, make sure that the appointed successor knows about it.

In the event of your death, the appointed successor will contact the digital legacy service provider and start the mandatory rights transfer process.

In fact, I will go on record to state that even before you think of creating an online property, get started with creating a digital will first.