Estate Planning and Digital Assets ยป

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While it’s relatively new, digital assets are quickly becoming the “topic of choice” for clients and their estate planning attorneys. If you are online and have any kind of online account, odds are, there’s value in those accounts. Here are a few ways those assets matter to you personally: The Cloud Most of us have some part of our lives in the cloud. We may have family members that have shared pictures with you via email that we have uploaded.  Maybe we have uploaded pictures to our favorite retailer so that we can pick up hard copies in an hour, those pictures memorialize our families and those special events. Many people purchase online music.  Amazon and iTunes are most likely where we keep that collection of ‘80s music that we listen to while we are working or cleaning the house. At more than one dollar each, you could very easily have a substantial collection. Whether you’re drinking your Red, Red Wine and wondering how your old friends Jack and Diane are or L