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Death in the Digital Age: Mylennium Launches Online “Digital Estate Assessment”

Mylennium’s new Assessment is available at It easily and quickly helps people understand their , so they can determine and plan how they want digital handled when they pass on.

The new Digital Estate Assessment, which is available on the Mylennium website at, asks respondents to check a series of boxes indicating whether a statement is applicable or inapplicable across four categories: personal , financial , professional , and technical . Examples of statements include:

· “I use email to communicate with family, friends, and business.”
· “I maintain an electronic address book to store personal and professional contact information.”
· “I want some of my digital photos and videos to be distributed to multiple family members.”

In total there are 33 statements across the above-noted four categories, and completing the assessment takes approximately five minutes. Once finished, respondents enter their email address, click “finish,” and instantly receive a .PDF report via email that:

· Highlights all of their responses so they can confirm accuracy, as well as forward the report as desired.
· Provides an explanation of potential risks that a personal representative may face with respect to locating and settling the assets in their digital estate.
· Serves as a starting point for discussions with trusted family members, an estate executor, or an estate planning professional.
· Offers specific steps on how they can protect their digital estate.
· Features a glossary of important, yet potentially unfamiliar terms such as “,” “Digital Estate Plan,” “Digital Executor,” “ Authorization,” and several more.

Respondents are not asked to provide any personal or sensitive data, and Mylennium does not disclose email address lists or other information to any third parties.

“Helping people understand their digital footprint, and the undesirable things that can happen to their digital assets, is a key benefit offered by our Digital Estate Assessment,” commented Russ Haft, the Founder and Chief Digital Executor of Mylennium, which has been featured in The New York Times. “With this information in hand, they’ll be better equipped to have a meaningful conversation with family members and an estate planning professional about the value of their digital assets, and how they want each asset handled when they pass on.”

As noted above, Mylennium’s new complimentary online Digital Estate Assessment is available on the company’s website at

For all other information, including media requests and inquiries from estate planning professionals, contact

About Mylennium

Mylennium creates personalized digital estate plans that document how individuals would like their digital assets handled by a personal representative upon their death or incapacity. Mylennium was founded in 2015 by Russ Haft to bring traditional estate planning into the digital age. Mylennium also provides Digital Executor Consulting Services to support fiduciaries in their efforts to locate, manage, and settle digital assets in a decedent or incapable person’s estate. For more information, please visit



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