Death Studies Special Issue Call for Papers

Death Studies Special Issue Call for Papers

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Death Studies

Guest editors Monika Büscher, Fiorenza Gamba, Alina Coman, Selina Ellis-Gray, Corina Sas and Miriam Schreiter invite submissions for a special issue of the journal on the topic of Futures of Digital Death: Mobilities of Loss and Commemoration.

As our lives and death become increasingly entangled within the digital, a new strand of research has emerged, exploring the opportunities and tensions that technologies can bring within the space of death, dying, and existential concern. A dominant focus has been on exploring and designing technologies supporting death-centric practices around remembrance of loved ones or inheritance of digital artifacts. However, less attention has been paid to how people are actively engaging in curating such data in both the physical and digital space for greater personal value. Ways in which we deal with digital selves, the body and its remains, the memorialization of lost ones, and the spatio-temporal and social context surrounding such practices have shifted the way in which we engage with death, from prescribed and formal to more dynamic, flexible and personally meaningful. This leads to a new range of research questions that require a genuinely interdisciplinary approach.

This special issue focuses on the exploration of these emerging practices. We invite contributions that bring analytical, critical, practice-based and creative insights to the use, design and development of technologies entangled at the end of life. Theoretical, empirical, practical and design or art-based research and approaches are welcome. Themes may include:

  • Mobilities of death, loss and commemoration
  • The digital economies of death, dying, commemoration and loss
  • Dying online or digital mediations of death
  • Personalization and hybridization of rituals, digital memorialization, mourning practices
  • Digital afterlives, agency and the social presence of the dead
  • Digital remains, digital legacy, peri- or post mortem data
  • The multiple physical, informational, imaginative mobilities of death, loss and memory
  • The multiplying temporalities of practices, memories, experiences
  • Methodological considerations, e.g. ethics, privacy, value sensitive design
  • Methodological orientation to futures - e.g. use of utopia as method, scenarios, predictions, visions.

How to Submit

Deadline: Manuscripts must be received by 29 September 2017.

Death Studies requires APA format. Authors may choose to submit either an article up to 20 pages or a note up to 10 pages (double-spaced manuscript pages in Times New Roman, 12-point font, including references).

Please send all manuscripts to: Indicate in your cover letter that you would like for your paper to be considered for the special issue. Accepted manuscripts will be available online ahead-of-print.

Timeline for submissions and reviews

First drafts 29 September 2017
First reviews/responses 30 October 2017
Revisions 27 November 2017
Second reviews/responses 12 January 2018
Final papers due 16 February 2018

Queries may be addressed to Miriam Schreiter:

Editorial information
Manuscripts will be double-blind peer reviewed by a group of internal and external reviewers led by the editors:

Monika Büscher, Lancaster University
Fiorenza Gamba, University of Geneva
Alina Coman, Transylvania University
Selina Ellis-Gray, DeadCode
Corina Sas, Lancaster University
Miriam Schreiter, Chemnitz University of Technology



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