digital estate plan

digital estate plan

So, I spent some time this evening working on my plan.Seems weird right?

I saw a post in a group I’m a member of yesterday and it got me thinking.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve had to face death or that I used to work in estate planning myself, but it doesn’t weird me out to think about setting up my .

Actually, it is just the opposite.I’m a control freak, I know this about myself.When I set up my personal trust, I thought “I tell people what to do all the time, why would I not establish a plan with my things to tell them what to do with them all when I’m gone”?!?!

But, the bigger thing I think about is helping those I love.Making decisions now helps them process

Digital Estate Plan | Setting up a plan for what happens with your digital brand when you are gone is essentialDigital Estate Plan | Setting up a plan for what happens with your digital brand when you are gone is essential

things later.No, I’m not planning to die and I sure don’t do anything crazy that would bring extra harm (I’ve already tried out my extra lives!) but I want to know that decisions are made when they have to.  And, I want to protect them from the hardships that the post-death processing brings (taxes and now access to my digital accounts).

As a single gal, I have to think about that differently.I don’t have a spouse or kids to manage those things.And, most likely my parents will be gone when that day comes.So, for me…its my amazing baby sister.But, one thing I do know is she doesn’t like to make decisions, so I’ve chosen to help her by making many of them for her!  Or at least releasing some of the burden…

But, back to the moment at hand

·I have a blog

·I have an online business

·I have several social media accounts

·I have a personal brand

They are all things that I need to protect and legacy arrangements established.I realized tonight….I still have a lot to learn.

Basic steps:

  1. Make a list of your accounts
  2. Name an executor
  3. List what you want done with the accounts upon your death
  4. Store the information in a secure place

If you are curious what I’m even talking about, here are some resources that might help!

Well, now that’s all taken care of, I can go do some sewing…there are some cool things coming for @KCutieDesigns!!!



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