You can now send messages to your family and friends after you have died

Digital Legacy Becomes More Important and There is a Smart Way to Protect It with

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New York, NY, March 30, 2017 --( As people increasingly shift their lives online, they create digital assets and memories that need protection after death. Making a will to dispose of tangible assets is no longer enough. In addition, it's now important to secure the digital assets and to make sure person’s loved ones have access to the treasured memories stored online.

The Facebook page, Pinterest board and Dropbox account all hold memories in the form of photos, videos and documents that people want to pass on to loved ones. Bank accounts may be accessible in person with the right government certificates and permissions, but what about purely online assets held by PayPal or in the form of Bitcoin? How to be sure these assets aren't looted or withheld after the person’s death? How to give the loved ones the access person wants them to have? is a new service that helps people to protect important documents, passwords and memories. It sends access to these memories to the loved ones, following the instructions, thereby securing the digital legacy into the future. provides its users with control over their digital legacy. The platform is incredibly easy to use, and it's designed to give users complete say over what happens to their photos, videos and documents after death. By keeping the digital legacy secure with Vivala, the account owner passes on access and control to the person chosen at the previously established time. Without this control, the loved ones could easily end up with no access whatsoever to the person’s social media accounts, cloud storage services, e-commerce accounts and online banking, even with the power of attorney. stores and protects digital assets with state-of-the-art, 256-bit encryption and the highest security available. All communication to and from the platform is also encrypted with 2048-bit SSL certificates, and security experts monitor the servers at all times to keep every bit and byte of data completely secure.

Security is vital, but takes a further step to move beyond just high-end password protection. Passing on emotional memories can mean as much as protecting bank accounts, and the takes that charge very seriously, making sure that all messages and content are delivered exactly as they are wanted. The users can create and send messages to their children and grandchildren to commemorate their special occasions, such as weddings or graduations, even if they aren't there to participate.

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Whether there is concern about a few documents,
an enormous library of photos and videos, or access to online social media and banking accounts, keeps fees low and security high to make sure people can distribute your digital assets and presence in the way they want. As a rapidly growing service in storage and protection of online assets, is committed to the peace of mind that comes with preserving the digital legacy well into the future.

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