The forgotten assets: Protecting your client's digital assets at death

Digital World Estate Planning

Our times have changed significantly with the age of computers, digital cameras (your pictures), and video recorders (your home videos).  Let’s not forget the addition of the many internet services such as on-line Banking, , eMail, and so on, that have brought many additional complexities to your table.  Digital Life is all about having an effective information transfer plan for all of your important information in the event something happens to you.  Answer this question: If you passed away at this very moment what would be the impact to your loved ones in regards to your ?  Access to your banks, email accounts, and various other important services?  Have you ever tried to gain access to someone else’s account?  It is a nightmare and most end up just giving up due to the complexities.  Really, in all honesty, its hard enough for us to keep up with our own “ stuff” and how to gain access to such services or information… not to mention one of our family members trying to get access to our data.  It can be almost impossible.  Therefore, it is essential that each family member, young and old, take the time to identify what information is important to you, and to your family, and then have a well defined process in place that will allow your family access to all this information along with a clear transfer of knowledge when the situation merits.  Thus the name, “Digital Life ”.  NotJustOvertime has developed a methodology for assisting you and your family in addressing these important issues.  The information detailed out below are the primary areas that are addressed.

1. Password Management :  How many passwords do you have?  Are they secure? And who in you family has access to this information?  Well if your like many, most people do not like the idea of giving out passwords that provide the detail access to this information when times are good.  But, when things go wrong there are family members that ultimately need to know whats going on and how to get to it ALL!   Given this situation, we have developed an approach for helping you identify, capture, and store this information in a very secure fashion.  As well as, providing the necessary language that may need to be added to your Will and Living Will so that the information is available when needed.
2. Escrow Services:NotJustOvertime also provides what is called Digital World Escrow Services.  Digital World Escrow Services is a process by which you have an agreement with NotJustOvertime for allowing us to store your Audio/Video Digital Estate recordings along with the second key (a type of password) that will provide your family access to your accounts and passwords in the event your Will is invoked.  This release will provide your attorney or assigned family member (with our assistance at no charge) the information you have been storing with us.  Until such time, no one has the ability to gain access to your personal information but you and only you.  We will walk you through the entire process to help you understand and to have assurances that everything is working and is secured as intended.  We will ask that you test your access with us using this methodology at least once per year. Only you have the ability to access your information. No one else has the ability (not even us) to gain access to your sensitive information.  The person who is named in your Will will be the only one who can gain access to your Escrowed second level password.  Click here to see a process flow chart on this entire process.
3. Password Creation Methodology:You will also be provided with a new methodology for creating your passwords.  In the perfect world everyone should create different passwords for the many different accounts we have online.  Especially as it pertains to your banking and email accounts.  Unfortunately, this does not appear to happen.  Through this program we will provide you with a simplified approach that makes creating passwords much easier as well as significantly more secure.  Once you have applied this methodology you will unlikely never forget a password again.  The approach here is to Keep It Simple!

4. Digital World Audio/Video Testimony Capture:You will also be provided  with the necessary software and reading script for assisting you in capturing your Digital World environment in your own words.  We will provide you with the script template forms where you essentially fill in the blanks on this document and record (audio and/or video) any details around your Digital World accounts that you  believe will be important for your family to understand.  You are also free to capture any other information you wish into these files, such as your regular Will, other messages, etc.  We will add these files to our escrow account services along with your second key that will ultimately allow your family access to your password credentials.




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