Learn How to Preserve Your Data with Take Control of Your Digital Legacy

Do you have a “Digital Estate Plan?”

My bank, USAA Savings Bank, has a section of its web site devoted to educating its customers. One of the recommendations is to have a “Digital .” What they suggest is a written document that explains how to access your various online in the event that you are not available.

It reminded me of a real life experience. One of my went into the hospital for knee replacement surgery. It is usually a routine surgery, so he didn’t make any special arrangements. Things didn’t go as planned and he died without having an opportunity to inform his wife of any of his passwords. I got the job of helping his widow gain access to the . In addition to the grief she felt upon his death, she was angry at him for placing the outside of her reach. I share the story to hopefully help some others avoid that kind of grief.

The approach that I have taken is fairly simple. I record all of my passwords in LastPass. I have written my username and LastPass password in a document that is available to Linda and to our daughter.



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