How to maintain a Digital Legacy?

How to maintain a Digital Legacy?

Gone are those days when getting your dad’s vintage pistol was something a son would be so eager for, or secret recipes from mothers of the house to the following generations.

“The physical artifacts are easy to collect and organize; the digital, much less so.”

Internet, after its debut in 1984, has created such a huge data explosion in last one decade, that people are sharing way more stuff than it is called for.

digital legacy

You can collect the letters, the photographs, albums and diaries of a person to look back into his life and see what he contributed to the society, to his friends, to this world ; You are in over your head if you are willing to collect all the data that a person shared on this surprisingly huge world of internet though.

We are not just using the internet, we are living in it.

From creating avatars to setting up our profile pictures, people are so obsessed with creating their presence noticed on social media that according to a survey conducted by CNBC in 2012, the United States alone spent 230,060 years of internet time on social media. The statistics for 2014 may vary due to emergence of numerous websites that can or cannot be categorized as social networking platforms, but the number sure is increasing exponentially.

With so much to share, it becomes difficult to keep trackof the content that you’re sharing with the world, and find it when you need it.


Many times we are driven by a desire to browse through all the posts that we did a couple years ago and put on a smiling face for being so silly, realizing how much you have grown since then. However, this desire takes away a hell lot of your time and effort to search for everything that you did everywhere.

Finding your own legacy by yourself is one thing, and making it available for others to find is another. When we will be gone, there won’t be any diary or a photo album for our kids to cherish, but our footprints all over the internet. It willconsist of a whole new dimension, in which you lived your virtual life and contributed millions of emotions to the world.

Digital Voice
Digital Voice

But the question is, how do we maintain this repository of data and get our voice heard, even in the era when we won’t even be present? How do you create a digital legacy of your own?

Things you can do on a personal level are engaging with people who share interests with you.

Posting contextual content will help you build more relations than contacts, because if content is king, context is god.

Myeffecto aims at providing one such platform to the world, to help people create their very own legacy, and calculates the amount of emotions that you give out to this world of web using a interactive emotional feedback plugin.



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