How-to Manage Digital Assets

How-to Manage Digital Assets

In this technology age, it’s crucial to learn how to manage . Like millions of people worldwide, you probably have email stored on your personal computer, smart phone or in the cloud. You might have one or more accounts. You likely have many photos stored in online photo albums. Email, photos, multimedia, online banking transactions, and accounts are just some examples of your digital life or identity. Having a digital life or “digital profile” leads to a natural, important question: What happens to all of that online content when you pass away? You can determine the outcome by learning how to manage digital .

As part of our eBook series, Passare™ and Evan Carroll from TheDigitalBeyond™ share our recommendations for how to organize and manage digital assets, how to create your “digital estate”, and how to protect your “digital legacy” after you’ve passed away.

You Will Learn:

1.What are Digital Assets?

2.Why is it Important to Manage Digital Assets?

3.What Happens to Digital Assets After Your Death?

4.How-to Create Your Digital Legacy

5.How-to Create Your Digital Estate

6.How-to Preserve Your Digital Afterlife

7.How-to Protect Your Digital Estate in Your Will or Estate Plan

8.What Happens to Your Digital Assets if You Become Incapacitated?

9.What Happens to Your Digital Assets if You Don’t Have a Will?

10. How Will New Technology Affect Your Digital Legacy?

The eBook includes:

A. Manage Digital Assets Checklist

B. Digital Assets Sample Will Authorization Language

Estimated Time Required:

30 minutes



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