Clear rules needed for managing digital afterlife

Prepare a digital legacy locker

We used to have shoeboxes to store small items of great value. This means that you could do the same for your digital treasures. Some online companies have taken the lead in building virtual shoe boxes, preventing you the pain of setting the hardware, software, communication you’d need. Can’t make sure you have two copies  of your data in two separate places (in case of accident to the first copy) ? They will. There are plenty of resources online concerning the management of your digital goods after your departure. They are focused on three main axis: managing a memorial, they also help you on planning the future and split of your assets, and finally to prepare a last message, on different channels.

You will find a more complete list of online vaults services at the end of this ebook, in the bonus section. In the meanwhile, you can have a quick audit of the service you need. Depending on your estate size, you may require between megabytes to terabytes of storage.

Digital planning
Digital planning

Payment can also be a factor to consider. The services providers can propose either to store your shoebox for a monthly, a yearly fee — or for a one-time payment. For some, you won’t have to worry, since services can be free. However, price is not everything. You are going to give extremely crucial data to a third party. Would you rather deposit your life in a costly swiss vault or at your weird neighbors?

A last point to consider is that some services can also provide support to your grieving family once you’ve left — and this is also can be extremely worth the extras.

Clear rules needed for managing digital afterlife

eBook: table of content.


I. Introduction

II. Good practices

III. Steps to follow: an audit

  • 1. Do an online cartography
  • 2. Remove what you don’t use
  • 3. Cloud what you can
  • 4. Update a password list
  • 5. And do it regularly

IV. To be prepared if sh*t happen

  • Prepare a will executor
  • A trendy alternative
  • Prepare a digital legacy locker
  • Do you want a physical locker ?
  • Prepare your data flows today
  • Write out instructions for each package
  • The Poor Man solution
  • Get to know more

V. Bye

  • Beware !
  • Thanks!
  • Long live the King (or Queen)
  • A service checklist

List of services // digital legacy tools 

Death policies of your the different services you may use

Clear rules needed for managing digital afterlife

Personal data, 101 — digital legacy

Social networks make the world more and more connected, and thus, we may be even more connected with the death of friends. An average user may have around 250 connections#, and that’s far more than the number of people we used to be connected to. Moreover, odds are that you will know rather quickly when someone you knew passes, when it used to be communication from the family.

If you have different friends group online, chances are that you don’t want to share everything with all of them. Considering you’re a gamer.. what’s the use of your character and equipment for your non gamer nephew? Considering you’re fascinated by sewing.. what’s the use of your sewing patterns for a neophyte? While you may have a repo on GitHub, what do you want your account to become? Remove it? Your personal goods can be really different : imagine the different ebooks, your MP3s or other music, DRM protected or not, your game characters, …

Another aspect that is not as sexy as before is all the financial and tax-related data. More and more countries allow for tax information collection online. And this is a really annoying issue. Previously, estate-planning attorneys used to go through physical papers, but now, the access can be more complicated.