Ultimate Guide to Digital Death (and how to handle it)

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Certain ideas take time to come of age.

Do you know that it took years to accept using an umbrella made perfect sense? Yes, even in Britain! You'd think we'd embrace the innovation, our love of all things about the weather - not so. It took 50 years to catch on!

So it's no surprise that the ideas, problems, opportunities and concerns surrounding our digital presence after we die, are taking a while to root and flourish.

But perhaps that coming of age is starting?

I've not written anything about the subject for a couple of years since I published the book Death Goes Digital on Amazon. Why? Honestly, while there are pockets of interest and awareness, they are about as deep as mine when it comes to sharing my Maltesers Chocolates. (Let me tell you, that's not very deep!) So I stopped writing. I am hoping that I will be around to see culture catch up. Maybe I will.

Setting up Google Alerts for many of the keywords around the subject, it's easy for me to see the growing conversation online. Over the last six months, it's been increasing at a steady rate. Though not a fast-flowing stream of articles, there is, without a doubt, a more significant drip of dialogue around the issues of digital legacy.

Is it now becoming an idea of our time?

Is this a subject that is new to you? Is this something you've read a little on before, but never got to grips with? Well, I've come across what could be the .

I can't claim any credit or responsibility for any of the content - it was written by Ariel Hochstadt and posted on the blog at https://www.vpnmentor.com/ It undoubtedly is worth a read. It covers the issues, potential problems and provides excellent suggestions on what steps you should take to guard your own digital presence after your death.

To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.
— J.K. Rowling

While no one likes to consider their mortality, it is a fact we can't deny.

J.K. Rowling is correct - what adventures do await us? But perhaps for the well-organised mind, it's worth considering a few steps you need to take before you go and this guide may be just the one you need to read.

Is that coming of age about to start? Who can say? I, for one, will keep an eye the flow of content online and add more guest posts and information on the subject to the blog.

Who knows it may not take 50 years, and I may see it happen.



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