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What is the value of my twitter account?

Sometime back I was involved in an interesting discussion on LinkedIn regarding . An important point was raised regarding the value of digital such as and twitter accounts.

Many people do not consider their social media accounts as their assets. They think their account is is not worth anything. But the truth is that a twitter account with many ‘genuine’ followers or a Facebook page with many ‘authentic’ likes and followers are a good marketing platform for promoting causes.

There is a precious resource involved in building up these accounts or assets and this resource is ‘time’. In turn these assets have both ‘time’ and ‘money’ value attached to these assets. There are services such as that can help you attach a $ value to the twitter account.

A twitter account with 10k  genuine followers is a big . These 10k followers did not happen overnight there was a lot of time and effort involved in getting those followers. This asset can be useful for any organisation or start up or even a charity to broadcast or advertise their message, idea or cause.

If we are spending so much time in creating these assets then why not we preserve or protect them like any other assets. If you have spent a lifetime building these assets why not transfer them for good cause. This is where PlannedDeparture can step in and help you in the creating a social media will and ensuring that your are transferred to the right such as , families or even charities.

I would like my official twitter or Facebook account to be used for promoting a good cause. What would you like your account to be used for ?



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