Texts from the dead: Post-mortem digital communication has arrived

What will happen to your digital legacy? Collas Crill wills specialist asks BBC Radio Guernsey listeners to consider their online lives

In today’s , where more and more aspects of an individual’s life are taking place online, it is important to consider what will happen to your when you pass away, Collas Crill’s Julie Harrigan told listeners to BBC Radio Guernsey’s breakfast show this morning.

You can listen to the interview here from 51.30 mins.

She said: “When we think of legacies in a will we think of cash bequests or the family heirloom.

“But so many of us take pictures on our mobile phone or tablet and store them on our laptop, online or on social networking accounts. Unless you leave clear instructions making sure it will all be available to your loved ones if you die, it may not be accessible and for family that could be very upsetting.

“And in these days of and reducing the number of paper statements, if there’s no paper trail the chances are an may not even know an account exists.

“Our advice is to leave instructions for everything.”



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