Easily and securely list your assets Assign beneficiaries to them Ensure they will be informed if something happens with you ​

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You can easily add assets at “Your Assets” page.

You have a list of predefined asset types, e.g. bank account, company stocks, life insurance and etc., from which you can choose. You can also add custom asset types, to fit your specific use case.

We don’t ask for any confidential information like number of bank account, number of stock options, secret keys or any confidential or sensitive information – the service doesn’t require such information.

You enter only the minimum high-level information about the assets (e.g. “Savings account in Credit Suisse”), as well as some description and notes for the beneficiaries , which will allow them to identify that asset.

For each asset you have entered, you can assign one or more beneficiaries. These are the people that will be informed about the associated asset, if something happens with you.

The beneficiaries will be informed ONLY about the assets which they are assigned to.

Trustees are people that you know well and can trust, who are familiar with the asset type and can further support the beneficiaries in claiming their ownership.

You can assign trustees for each of your assets.

Your beneficiaries might not be proficient with the type of assets assigned to them, e.g. elderly people or children. For that purpose, we recommend that you assign trustees for each of your assets. If something happens with you, they can help the beneficiaries claim their rightful ownership of the assigned assets.

To further help your beneficiaries claim their ownership, DGLegacy offers you the optional legal package.

With the legal package, in a case of unforeseen event, a renewed law company will engage with the beneficiaries to guide and help them in the process of claiming and getting ownership of their assets, throughout the whole process – from the notification, till the actual ownership.

The emergency protocol is a procedure which ensures that the beneficiaries will be informed about the assets assigned to them, if something happens with the user.

It is a safe procedure which also aims to eliminate false notifications to the beneficiaries at any cost. This is implemented through multistep process, described below. Part of the process includes confirmation with the user through a phone call from a dedicated assistant.

* phone call confirmation of OK status with the user, in addition to the e-mail confirmation, is performed only in the paid versions. In the free version, only e-mail confirmation is performed.

Being assigned as a beneficiary means that other person has been explicitly pointed you to be notified as a heir of certain assets, if something happens with that other person.

As a beneficiary, you will be able to see these assets in the “Assets to Receive” page.

The page contains all the assets for which you are assigned as a beneficiary, their type and relevant information. ​