Digital Estate Planning Checklist : Protect Your Digital Assets

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Digital Estate Planning Checklist : Protect Your Digital Assets

We got a question for you?
Have you ever wondered about what happens to your Facebook stuff when you die? What about your Dropbox, your Twitter, your Instagram, even your PayPal… What happens to these digital assets when you are gone?

We wondered the same thing, that is why we put together a resource – a Digital Assets Estate Planning Checklist. It has answers to all these questions and some avenues for things that you can do about it.
Use our checklist to identify all your online assets in less than an hour.

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Store them safely
Once you have all those digital assets identified, the next step is to safely store them for you or for your loved ones. Create a vault with and record each asset in its predefined AfterVault category.

Leave clear instructions
Don’t forget to state your wishes regarding your digital assets. Make sure the people you love know what you want them to do.

Is there a way to protect my digital assets if I die?