EZ Estate App: Make This Decision Before You Die

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EZ Estate App: Make This Decision Before You Die

Have you ever thought, what happens to my digital assets when I die? It may sound awkward but it is crucial to keep your last will and end-of-life documents safe.

As the pandemic hits, traditional demographics associated with legacy planning have been changed. The death mortality rate has risen, more people in the United States are dying during the COVID-19 pandemic, but not just because of the coronavirus, but stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

Factually, in over 80% of all families, one person is responsible for managing all the finances and paying the bills. What happens when he/she passes?

The world has gone digital, so as the document security methods. Protecting your digital documents sounds plausible until you’re alive.

But, what if, when you die!

Everyone loves his life and no one ever thinks about what will happen when they no more exist.

The documents they keep, the bills they pay, and all the financial papers of your will and your end of life wishes, where all they go, and to whom will it belong after you?

To answer this sneaky question, we’ve got a smartphone app for you - EZ Estate, that lets you provide complete document information and instructions to your family after your death.

Let’s evaluate this app on the basis of app features, benefits, and the areas where it needs to be improved, with all the ratings and customer reviews available.

Here, we have an EZ Estate app review.

What is the EZ Estate app?

EZ Estate app is the most effective and convenient smartphone app to manage and store your estate plan and life stories all in one place, developed by Young Jack.

What is the EZ Estate app?

This app allows you to store important document information and share your financials, personal documents, details, and funeral arrangements with the specific people you want after your death. It relieves your family from unwanted stress, helps people you love to cope better after you've passed away.

Top 3 things you can do with the EZ Estate app!

Here are the top 3 EZ Estate app benefits to save your last wishes and organize important information so that it can be shared with your nearest and dearest.

Top Features of EZ Estate App

EZ Estate app is a “last request” app, that lets you share the assets with the people you want, and share the details of the funeral after you. Though the app is fully-equipped with a variety of app features, have a glance at a few of them, which we found really interesting.

1. Share financials and personal documents

Everyone wants whatever the assets he/she has with them, should belong to his/her family after he/she is no more to take care of them. But, how can your family ever know where you have kept all the financial assets when you are gone?

EZ Estate app shares the exact location of financial and personal documents with the specific people, you want.

Share financials and personal documents

2. Avoiding fights over your Estate

Generally, families don't have serious disputes over inherited funds, and a few extend this battle to court. In order to avoid such conflicts after death, the EZ Estate app allows you to divide the assets in the way you want. Avoid nasty fights over your assets by providing the details about who receives what belongings.

3. Fully-equipped with Cloud Security

Security is a primary concern when it comes to financing and asset allocation. EZ Estate app uses its own cloud servers to store confidential information. This app secures all of your data by locally-encrypting on the user’s device with passcode protection.

4. Provide all the Funeral Arrangement details

You can also plan your funeral by making all the arrangements with the EZ Estate app.

Provide all the Funeral Arrangement detailsĀ 

5. Leave messages for your loved ones

EZ Estate app lets you share your last wishes and messages with your closest ones after you no more exist on this planet. It makes it easier for your loved ones to remember you every time.

What makes this app unique?

While there are many digital legacy apps available in the market, the EZ Estate app provides a comprehensive way to keep your documents (such as Important Contacts: accountants, attorneys, clergy, etc.) safe after you pass away.

1. Get segmented categories

EZ Estate app divides the information into categories and subcategories and leads the user step-by-step through literally every aspect of life, making it easy to get all the details covered.

In signing up you will find complete categories which include: “My Financials,” “My Important Contacts,” “My Personal Documents,” “Miscellaneous,” “Gifts & Personal Property,” “Pets,” and “My Funeral.”

2. Spoken audio interface

This app uses a clear spoken audio interface to guide you through the setup and explanation and offers a handy status update on how many subcategories remain to be completed.

For ease of use, the user information can be entered by typing or recorded directly via video.

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Additional EZ Estate Rating and Information

EZ Estate App Review


EZ Estate app (Heirs 4 U on App store) is free to download. However, contains in-app purchases for lifetime access.

Heirs 4 U Lifetime : $49.99

MAD Verdict

EZ Estate app is a smartphone app that can definitely sound odd to you, but somewhere it’s a necessity. The funeral marketplace is shifting significantly and online funeral planning is coming in trend. After the COVID-19 strike, the ratio of unexpected deaths increased. In this situation, there are immediate needs that must be addressed.

This app works great in this respect when it comes to credit management, debt management, and inheritance planning. It not only provides instructions to your family after your death but also leads to unnecessary confusion and stress in an already stressful time. It helps you collect and shares how you would want to be remembered, making your last wishes accessible.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – download EZ Estate, it’s free. Available for iOS on the App Store and Android at Google Play.

This is all about the EZ Estate review with MobileAppDaily. If you’re interested to get your app reviewed with us. Let’s do it now.

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