New data reveals more than half of Canadian millennials either created or updated their will because of the pandemic

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From doomscrolling to end-of-life discussions, new report from Willful and 1Password reveals millennials’ attitudes towards estate planning and digital legacy.

All Canadians should outline clear end-of-life plans, and as millennials go through major life events, there’s really no excuse to not have a will. I’m happy to see millennials are taking action on their estate plans, if not for themselves, then for their loved ones.

Today, Willful, Canada’s leading online will platform, and 1Password, a leader in human-centric security and privacy, released a new report that reveals how the pandemic influenced Canadian millennials (25-40) to reexamine their lives, including their end-of-life planning and digital legacy. Willful and 1Password commissioned OnePoll to survey Canadian millennials and found more than half of millennials (58 per cent) have either created or updated their will during the pandemic, and over half (54 per cent) said their friends and family wouldn’t know how to access their digital accounts if they passed away.

“Estate planning can be overwhelming and is often perceived as a task for the very distant future, but the pandemic has taught us to be prepared for the unexpected,” says Erin Bury, CEO of Willful. “All Canadians should outline clear end-of-life plans, and as millennials go through major life events, there’s really no excuse to not have a will. I’m happy to see millennials are taking action on their estate plans, if not for themselves, then for their loved ones.”

The report features data gathered from over 1,000 survey respondents across Canada in September 2021, and focuses on millennials as caregivers, millennials’ attitudes towards sharing their digital footprint with loved ones, and millennials’ approach to estate planning.

The COVID-19 Catalyst for Estate Planning
One in five (21 per cent) millennials consider themselves too young for wills and estate planning, but the pandemic created a sense of urgency for this group to face their future and reexamine their lives, including their end-of-life wishes:

Increased End-of-Life Discussions during COVID-19
The pandemic has put a spotlight on difficult topics that many people previously shied away from, from navigating end-of-life planning with parents, to discussing personal wishes, to considering digital legacies:

Millennial State of the Password
In today’s digital world, individuals have dozens, if not hundreds, of passwords that unlock access to critical information including finances, online accounts and subscriptions, social media platforms, and more. Executing someone’s will is especially difficult when a digital legacy plan requiring password management isn’t set in place:

“The pandemic has encouraged many of us to think more deeply about our mortality, but there’s a lot of work to be done to ensure a smooth handover of our estate--especially for newer digital platforms where we spend more and more of our time,” said Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password. “Millennials especially are facing the brunt of these shifting pressures, as they’re balancing responsibilities for their own growing families while also caring for aging parents. Transition plans have long been a taboo topic, but it’s time to destigmatize these discussions and ensure our digital lives are in order so the responsibility doesn’t fall on others.”

As a result of the pandemic and Canadians’ increased digital presence, millennials are considering their future, some for the first time, and require digital-friendly strategies to plan accordingly. Digital estate planning tools like Willful, alongside trusted password managers like 1Password, are dedicated to making the will creation and estate planning process more accessible, easy, and affordable.

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