Digital Estate Planning is #1 Issue Today

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Kaysville, UT – Today people have more information online than they have in their filing cabinets, and most aren’t keeping track of it.

What happens to your online accounts when you die? Usually, nothing! If they are never notified of your death they will remain there indefinitely, making them a risk for fraud and identity theft. They are a heyday of possibility for hackers world-wide!

When estate planning, Individuals are failing to create a plan for online accounts and assets. Most don’t realize their families will be locked out of most online accounts without proper planning. Families that fail to plan for this are having to fight, often unsuccessfully, for access to online accounts, assets, photos, and memories.

Easeenet Digital Vault effortlessly organizes and preserves your digital estate in real time, saving hours of stress and frustration from day one by using a full-featured password manager for non-techy users, secure document storage and sharing for important documents, and a legacy worksheet captures the critical details people often forget to pass on. Everything stays securely organized and up to date in real time, and the individual selects who gets access to their information and when. At the time of the individual’s passing, the next of kin will be able to gain access to all online accounts in the digital vault which will allow them to close them properly.

Since 2016 Full-Circle Aftercare, a concierge service that walks families through closing their loved ones estate, has been helping families through the intricate and time-consuming process of closing accounts, making notifications, and applying for benefits they may be eligible for. The online account aspect of assisting families becomes harder every year as more people use online means of taking care of day to day personal affairs. Many surviving family members are left without any login information, or even a list of online accounts.

Full-Circle Aftercare is now offering Easeenet digital vault to every family they serve through their FCA Partners nationwide.

“We hope this service will provide families with a better way to plan their estate so their family members don’t lose access to important affairs online. Digital accounts and assets aren’t a thing of the future. They are part of our everyday life and need to be included in estate planning,” says Matthew Van Drimmelen, owner of Full-Circle Aftercare.

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