Online Executors Will Sort Your Legacy Out When You Are Gone

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Have you appointed some online executors to sort your digital legacy?

However young you are, you may need to think about an executor for your affairs and one or more online executors for your online business.

You may have made a will. You may have read recently that a court overturned a will that had cut a woman out of any inheritance from her family. She got the money and the deceased’s wishes were ignored.

But what about all your digital possessions? What will happen to them? You may not care, of course, but those you leave behind certainly will.

Well, Facebook has come up with the ability for users to nominate an ‘online executor’ in your settings following advice last year from the Law Society that people should leave clear instructions about what should happen to digital assets after death.

One Final Post

These online executors will be able to post one last message for all the departed’s followers, update profile pictures and, apparently, will even be able to approve new friend requests.

Facebook are styling these online executors as ‘legacy contacts’ and they will be welcomed. What happens now is that when a user dies his or her account is either deleted or frozen, which has the effect of turning it into a memorial.

The option to order the deletion of your pages will still be there, but as we know, once online it’s there forever, so your routes will be sustained as long as digital survives.

There, does that feel comforting at all?

No, I thought not!

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