The Funeral Businesses Who Go Digital Will End Up with Your Clients

The Funeral Businesses Who Go Digital Will End Up with Your Clients

The Funeral Businesses Who Go Digital Will End Up with Your Clients

Are You Ahead Or Behind The Digital Curve In Your Funeral Business?

In a report from The Economist, Digital Evolution, Learning From The Leaders In Digital Transformation, executives declared Digitisation was transforming their business.

Digitisation is the process of converting systems and methods into a digital or online format. You must check all aspects of your business to stay compatible with digital technologies such as social media and mobile technology. Funeral Directors and the funeral industry are no exceptions.

The report described companies as either being ahead of the curve of change or behind the curve. Where is your funeral business? Are you ahead of the curve of Digitisation or behind? Did you even know that such a curve existed?

Most companies recognise that they are only partially integrated with Digitisation. However, those firms that are ahead of the curve made great strides in integrating digital systems into their businesses. These companies are benefiting from higher returns in finding new customers. The companies ahead of the curve are driven by competitive pressure to remain relevant.

Digital transformation is a process of change. It is not a one-off activity. As the pace of change continues to grow and as technology develops new practices, Funeral Directors will need to adapt. They need to change and implement new systems if they are going to remain relevant in this digital age.

What Is Driving This Change?

When asked why they said one critical issue was driving change. The overriding factor driving the digital transformation of their businesses was evolving customer expectations. Technologies such as smartphones and social media platforms drive customers to have high expectations for their digital interaction with companies.

Consumers expectations now routine are:

  • Information and help accessible online 24/7
  • Communication by mobile or IM (Instant Messaging)
  • Online payments or donations
  • Email communication
  • Social Media communication
  • Quick online responses to questions

Competition Is Growing For A Share Of The Funeral Industry

New companies are entering the funeral industry. Some have no background in the industry but see an opportunity to gain ground at the expense of traditional businesses. Funeral Directors debate the relevance of an integrated digital approach to their business. Others observe long established family businesses disrupted by new and digital relevant start-ups. To ignore or to try to hold back these trends is like King Canute trying to hold back the waves. It just cannot happen. These waves of change have already washed upon the shores of the funeral industry. The tide is coming in fast!

Where Are You On The Curve?

  • Do you have a mobile responsive website? A website that can be viewed easily on mobile and tablet devices?
  • Is your website easy to navigate and includes an easy to understand tagline about what you offer?
  • How easy is it for consumers to find your Funeral Directors business online?
  • Does your website make it easy for people to contact you?
  • Are you using Instant Messaging by text or other platforms to communicate with your consumers?
  • What facilities are you offering to give advice on Digital Legacy or online memorials?
  • Do you offer online donation services for your clients?
  • Are you using social media such as Facebook or Twitter?

These are just a few ways in which you can measure where you are on the curve of Digitisation. If the answer to most of these questions is no, then you are probably behind the curve. If you have never even considered these questions, then you are most likely unaware that a curve exists!

What are the steps that you are taking in your funeral business to ensure you will not have an adverse impact on the profitability of your company in the future? It starts with an honest and close look at the digital strategies of your funeral business. It needs an open mind and a willingness to change and adapt. It demands action to make sure that evolving customer expectations and competition from other firms does not squeeze your business out of the market.

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