The forgotten assets: Protecting your client's digital assets at death

Template of an Authorization and Consent for Release of Electronically Stored Information


I, __________________________________________ , hereby authorize any person or entity that possesses, custodies, or controls any electronically stored information of mine or that provides to me an electronic communication service or remote computing service, whether public or private, to divulge to my then-acting fiduciaries at any time: (1) any electronically stored information of mine, (2) the contents of any communication that is in electronic storage by that service or that is carried or maintained on that service, and (3) any record or other information pertaining to me with respect to that service. The terms used in this authorization are to be construed as broadly as possible, and the term “fiduciaries” includes a guardian or conservator appointed for me, a trustee of my revocable trust, an Attorney in Fact under a valid Power of Attorney, and a Personal Representative (executor) of my estate.

This authorization is to be construed to be my lawful consent under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (which includes the Stored Communications Act), as amended, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986, as amended, and any other applicable federal or state data privacy law or criminal law. This authorization is effective immediately. Unless this authorization is revoked by me in writing while I am competent, this authorization continues to be effective during any period that I am incapacitated and continues to be effective after my death.

Unless a person or entity has received actual notice that this authorization has been validly revoked by me, that person or entity receiving this authorization may act in reliance on the presumption that it is valid and unrevoked, and that person or entity is released and held harmless by me, my heirs, legal representatives, successors, and assigns from any loss suffered or liability incurred for acting according to this authorization. A person or entity may accept a copy or facsimile of this original authorization as though it were an original document.

Dated this_______ day of_________________________ , 20__


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