Funerals and Instagram: A look at the funeral hashtags

Ch IV.4. Individual Goals Regarding Digital Assets

After providing for the location, accessibility, and ownership of a digital asset, one must then determine the individual’s wishes and legacy goals. People generally do not have specific plans in place, often attributable to the fact they are unaware of the importance of developing a specialized .39 Many people mistakenly believe that the only benefit of is the disbursement of upon death according to one’s wishes.

However, security issues, protecting a legacy (including a personal, family, or commercial image), and fulfillment of an overall are equally important. Uncertainty as to the dissemination and management of often arises in the absence of an estate plan, potentially creating significant strife for family members. It is therefore imperative for attorneys to consider in addition to physical or traditional to ensure both the fulfillment of their client’s wishes and the safe and efficient transfer of digital assets to the next generation.


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