Digital Estate Planning: COVID Proofing your Estate

Digital Estate Planning: COVID Proofing your Estate

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As the coronavirus pandemic rocks the markets and affects virtually every area of financial services, estate lawyers, advisors, financial planners, and accountants, are getting nervous pings from their clients who are continually being reminded about their own mortality. Planning for the many components involved with an estate is secondary to the cumbersome process of keeping various estate planners aligned. Ensuring information symmetry across all parties involved is a highly manual and time-consuming process. Updating these individuals and the beneficiaries with life developments, as the estate grows or goes through modification, leads to cumulation of updates that go unregistered for long periods of time.

Digitization has come late to estate planning, mostly due to the complex and sensitive nature of the topic, which pushes clients towards face-to-face interactions and turn-by-turn guidance. Social distancing, however, has made that next to impossible, making digital estate planning tools an absolute necessity in this time of crisis. This report points attention to vendors that aim to bridge the gap between estate planners and clients through self-serve digital estate planning solutions.

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