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Digital Legacy

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A digital legacy is the digital information someone leaves behind after they die. This online information can include website or blog information, social media profiles, photos, videos, or other online interactions.

As times continue to change and technology evolves, it’s important to make sure your digital legacy is protected. If you don’t keep track of everything you have online, it could all be lost after you’re gone. It’s never fun to think about dying, but protecting your digital legacy is something you should plan for before it’s too late.

A survey found that 62% of people think it’s important to have access to a friend or loved one’s social media accounts. These type pf accounts often contain numerous photos and memories for your family and friends to look at and remember you, but can often be hacked and have to be deleted. Making a plan for your digital legacy will make things easier on your family and reduce the amount of stress they will face after you die. Remember, your digital legacy will live online forever.

Your digital legacy includes everything you do or have saved online. Along with your social networks and email accounts, there are a variety of other things to consider when thinking about your digital legacy.

As you can see, everything you have stored online is part of your digital legacy. There is so much to consider, so it’s never too early to start thinking about protecting your digital assets.

When you think of end of life planning, you probably don’t focus on your digital legacy. Most people focus on estate planning preparation and all the tasks involved with making sure your affairs are in order.

All of these tasks and documents are very important to complete. But, you also need to consider how to protect your digital legacy.

Now that you know what a digital legacy is and why it’s important, start thinking about how you are going to protect it.

  • Once you have an outline and all your research, take a shot at writing a first draft. No, it won’t be perfect. Yes, it will probably be long and tough. But, it will give you insight on how you really want your story to be told. With My LifeJars you can choose a particular memory to write about, from any part of your life and add other content, building your draft in bite-size pieces. This can make it easier than starting at the beginning and running out of steam!

Now that you know what to do to protect your digital legacy, you can think about adding your paper documents to your digital assets. You can start scanning items in and saving them online.

My LifeJars is the perfect place to create and protect your digital legacy. All of your digital assets can be stored safely and securely in one place.

My LifeJars is a quick and super easy way to capture memories and organize your life. Everything about you is stored securely, and can only be accessed by those you choose.

  • Things Jars - There are six of these available: personal certificates, important documents, significant bits & pieces, business essentials, real life things, and anything else. Personal certificates is a jar for your birth certificate and any other achievements or awards you might want to store digitally. The important documents jar is a place to store your passport, driver’s license, will, etc. The significant bits & pieces jar can be used for insurance forms, policies, home documents, etc. Business essentials is a jar for any documents that might have to do with any businesses you own or have owned. Real life things is a jar to store pictures of artwork, stories about jewelry or other things you own. And, the anything else jar is a place you could put recipes, poems, or any other miscellaneous things you want to include in your digital legacy.

Along with our jars for storing all the things mentioned above, we have a convenient dashboard to guide you through how to set up and store all of your most important information.

One of the great things about My LifeJars is how easy it is to share your information with friends and family. You can invite them to become part of your tribe. Once they join, they become a Tribester and show up on your Life Wall. They would then have access to all the information you choose to share with them. It’s very interactive because they can add their memories to your account and you can do the same.

Our app is the perfect place to organize and share all of your important documents, like your last will and testament, your advance care directive, your health care proxy, your enduring power of attorney, and your enduring guardian. We make it simple for you to give access to all the people who will need this information in the future.

Create Your Forever FREE My LIfeJars Account Now. It’s easy to do. It offers you peace of mind and ensures your family will have access to all of your vital personal documents.

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