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How to create a social media will

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This is your social media will ticklist. Here are some of the main things you need to know when creating your social media will:

  1. Use the free service ‘DeadSocial‘ to create an archive of messages. These will only be sent out onto your social networking accounts once you pass away. This will enable you so you to take control of your digital legacy.
  2. Choose someone to be in charge of your digital accounts and assets after you are deceased (email addresses, social networking profiles, paid subscriptions, blogs), this person will become your social media executor. DeadSocial also allows you to assign a social media will executor within the software.
  3. State that a copy of your death certificate is given to your executor, in case they need to prove they are acting on your behalf. (If for example you would like your Twitter account to be closed this will need to be provided)
  4. Check all of your privacy settings/terms and conditions for the social networking websites you have accounts with.
  5. You will need to create a list of all your digital assets and digital accounts. This should include everything from what is on your laptop, phone or hardrive, any accounts and subscriptions you have, through to your videos, photos and other media content stored online.
  6. Once you have made this list, you will need to give your executor all of the logs ons and passwords. For security reasons you may want to have one master password that grants access to other passwords. However it is not recommended that the passwords are submitted on the same page as the account details.
  7. State what you would like to happen to each of your online accounts (to be managed by a friend or family, left in a memorial style state, or closed down entirely).
  8. Finally but most importantly, make sure that you have made a note of your social media will and what you would like to happen to your digital assets in your physical will.


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