Research to focus on charities' use of social media to encourage legacy giving

Research to focus on charities’ use of social media to encourage legacy giving

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A research project has been launched to investigate how charities are using social media to promote their legacy services.

The project is being run by Legacy Foresight as part of its Legacy Fundraising 2.0 research and will involve 30 charities.

This will look at how digital resources and social media are being used to raise awareness of legacy giving, to acquire new legacy donors and support existing supporters.

“The research will explore a number of themes, starting out with looking at the current strategy and activities undertaken by the learning circle charities, doing some fundamental research into online donor behaviour, and outlining priorities for the future,” said Legacy Foresight.

“Digital legacy fundraising presents many opportunities – and challenges – for all charities, especially now.”

Charities with further questions about the project are being urged to email Legacy Foresight here.

Earlier this month it emerged that the government is taking action to tackle delays in handing out legacy gifts. Many were being held up by the impact of Covid-19.

In October Legacy Foresight estimated that legacy giving is set to increase by around a quarter over the next decade. A rising death date and growing interest in leaving a gift in a will are key factors.


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