Your digital legacy – what happens when you die?

Your digital legacy – what happens when you die?

You have several social media profiles, a few email addresses, online banking and probably a hundred registrations on various sites all over the Internet. Have you ever stopped to think what will happen to your online presence when (not if) you eventually die? Is there anyone you know who could access all of it, if that day came sooner than you think?

‘Digital’ Wills?

You may feel that if you have passed your details and passwords on to your loved ones (perhaps in your will) that they will simply be able to take care of all the paperwork on your behalf. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case – there are legal hoops to jump through and the end result is not always easily arrived at.

Apps to the rescue

Thankfully the world of Apps has come to the rescue. It is now possible to store your online accounts credentials in one place where they can be accessed by your family after your death. One of these is Angel Alerts where your passwords, security questions and ID’s can be looked after in a secure environment until your executer gains access. You simply make that person your digital heir and all it will take is proof of your death to allow them access.

Digital memories for your loved ones

Your digital online presence is not only a place where your identity is stored, it is a place where memories are kept. If you want your family to have access to your most precious online accounts, cloud-stored photos, Facebook conversations and Twitter messages – you need to think ahead and create the perfect environment for this to happen.