What is Digital Estate Planning and Why Do I Need it?

Write out instructions for each package

Chances will be that you won’t be here anymore to tell your what to do with each part of your estate — I guess. Remember, your executor will have no way of knowing how you feel unless you spell it out in advance, so you will have to write a document clearly stating what to do with each item.

Take the example of Facebook — no, I’m sure you have an account over there. In 2009, explained the reason behind creating a memorials for people who left. These memorialized accounts can no longer be found in Suggestions or found by non-confirmed friends, and are a place for to share memories in remembrance. Sensitive information are removed, and nobody will access the account anymore. That’s fine, but without preparation about what you’d love to remove or to keep, potential issues can arise. Moreover, you could decide of what you’d like to be remembered for : videos, some text if you used to write, and so on. That’s also a sensitive option to avoid your facebook ghost Liking pages or updating statuses, like some do.

Digital planning
Digital planning

Another thing to keep in mind is that, if you decide to keep resources online, you may have to engage in it as well. If you want your blog, portfolio or videos online, you’ll have to pay a for it, or make sure that your will set up a mechanism to cover those costs. Free hosting solutions can be a solution, if you are not afraid of losing your legacy if their terms change.

It may sound stupid, but once again be sure that this will have an easy access to each piece of the puzzle : will, password lists, instructions. It’s also a good to idea to give to your executor, to be sure he or she will have all the necessary support from the legal point of view.


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